XP Script for "Manage my network passwords"

Hi - I would like advice on how to set  user network credentials (not paswords, just server and login name) on Windows XP. Specifically, I would like to have a script I can run on a local laptop that is not in a domain. The entries I add via script should appear in the section "Stored User Names and Passwords" that is available in XP from the control panel by clicking on a user account and then clicking on "Manage My Network Passwords"

I only want to add the servers and log in names.

Im sure this should be scriptable, but I cant find an answer on how to do it.

Any takers??
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argintAuthor Commented:
Hi all. Ive found a tool to do the job. It comes with Windows server 2003. CMDKEY.EXE. You can use it to manipulate credentials againsta server stored on your machine. The results appear in the correct section that I asked for in my question.

Thanks to anyone who even thought of answering!


Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
how are you connecting to the domain resources - are you using Remote Desktop, mapped drives, or some other resource?

the former can use RDP files to store the logins and passwords, and for the latter, then NET USE is the tool for the job (with some security caveats, though)

hth, Danny.
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