How do I measure an image size millimeters using VB.Net 2005

Hi, I need to get the size of an image in millimeters.  Currently I can only get the height and width in pixels. How do I get the height and width in millimeters???
Please see code below
Dim bmpCropped As New Bitmap(filename)
Image_Width = bmpCropped.Width
Image_Height = bmpCropped.Height

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Ornico4807Author Commented:
I've read the article but it still not clear. How does Jasc/Photoshop determine the size of an image??
My program opens an image that is scanned on 300 DPI, then it needs to get the length and the width of that specific image.
There must be a way of doing that!
Ornico4807Author Commented:
Hi nmarun
That solution anly returns the image size in pixels. Any other idea's to get the size in centimeter/milimeter?

Read all the way and you'll get to know more about this issue.
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