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I am relatively new to modifying filemaker and am creating my first script inside of it. The script is finding a group of people with 6 months left on their subscription and listing them, I then need to automatically have it update a discount field so everyone gets offered 25% off.

I have completed the first two stages but can only get the 25% discount on the first found entry. How do I set the repetitions value so that it will encompass any number of results?
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Peter HarrisConnect With a Mentor FileMaker Developer at CognitiveCommented:
To set the amount or discount use the Replace Field Contents script step not Set Field (which just does the current record).

The script step may have different names in different versions. You can manually test this by choosing the command from the Records menu when in browse mode. It replaces the values for the selected field for all found records.
jonathan-dunstansAuthor Commented:
Was exactly what I was looking for, thanks
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