How easy is it to remove an Active Directory domain and re-install?

HI, i have a test lab which currently has 5 very small domains, (2 - 3 machines each, just for testing software). I want to add a parent domain which could host MS Exchange and Windows Update server and Anti Virus etc. Once i've created the parent domain i would like to add the other 5 below it. I would prefer to delete the other domains one by one because they need updating (Im a software engineer and they were my first attempts at Systems work and the DNS is all over the place) So my plan would be to remove each machine from a domain and then somehow delete the domain so i can install a new one (New name, child of new parent domain and then add the machines back in) and then re setup the dns. Can anyone please let me know the easiest way to remove these domains
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Just switch the machines in to a workgroup and reboot.
Then on the domain controllers run dcpromo which will either set them as a member server (if there are other domain controllers in the domain) or a workgroup member if they are the last DC in the domain.

Jonesey007Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply, so once i've fun dc promo, will all the AD History be removed?


Once you have run dcpromo on each of the servers, they will be demoted and will no longer act as Domain Controllers. Once all the servers are demoted, none of them will contain a trace of the Active Directory information from the old domains. You can then rejoin them to the new domain and rebuild the AD structure.

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