I am trying to configure a Cisco 3750 running 12.2 (44) to use SNMP v3. I have followed a number of configuration documents readily available on the Web, but am unable to send SNMP v3 traps to my Network Management System (NMS)

Ethereal shows no SNMP v3 packets are being received by hardware hosting NMS

A bullet-point list of each snmp-server commands, and any other associated commands (if any) would be most welcome
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API_NOCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
logging buffered
logging trap debugging
logging source-interface Loopback0 (or whichever interface you have setup)

snmp-server community public (not public but something) RO
snmp-server trap-source
snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication linkdown linkup coldstart warmstart
snmp-server enable traps config
snmp-server enable traps syslog
What output do you get when you do the command: show snmp
viborg86Author Commented:
Output of show snmp - IP addresses have been replaced with x.x.x.x

Switch#show snmp                
Chassis: CAT0912Z06C                    
0 SNMP packets input                    
    0 Bad SNMP version errors                            
    0 Unknown community name                            
    0 Illegal operation for community name supplied                                                  
    0 Encoding errors                    
    0 Number of requested variables                                  
    0 Number of altered variables                                
    0 Get-request PDUs                      
    0 Get-next PDUs                  
    0 Set-request PDUs                      
    0 Input queue packet drops (Maximum queue size 1000)                                                        
0 SNMP packets output                    
    0 Too big errors (Maximum packet size 1500)                                              
    0 No such name errors                        
    0 Bad values errors                      
    0 General errors                    
    0 Response PDUs                  
    0 Trap PDUs              
SNMP global trap: enabled                        

SNMP logging: enabled
    Logging to x.x.x.x.162, 0/10, 0 sent, 0 dropped.

SNMP Manager-role output packets
    0 Get-request PDUs
    0 Get-next PDUs
    0 Get-bulk PDUs
    0 Set-request PDUs
    0 Inform-request PDUs
    0 Timeouts
    0 Drops
SNMP Manager-role input packets
    0 Inform request PDUs
    0 Trap PDUs
    0 Response PDUs
    0 Responses with errors

SNMP informs: enabled
    Informs in flight 0/25 (current/max)
    Logging to x.x.x.x.162
        0 sent, 0 in-flight, 0 retries, 0 failed, 0 dropped
SNMP agent enabled
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Everything looks good with that. Do you have logging turn on on the switch? When you do a show logging do you see any messages?
viborg86Author Commented:
I see plenty of messages when I run show logging, but no recent time stamps

How do I check logging is enabled?
If not enabled, what command do I need to run to enable logging
viborg86Author Commented:
Many thanks
Will try latest advice during Thursday morning

Can't recall seeing the following line whilst I have been debugging problem:

snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication linkdown linkup coldstart warmstart
viborg86Author Commented:
I entered latest set of command on to my SNMP, alas I am still not getting SNMP v3 traps

We were able to send v2c prior to configuring switch to send SNMP v3???
viborg86Author Commented:
Switch is now sending SNMP v3 traps
I backed-out all snmp-server setting, but switch still would not send SNMP v3 traps. So (using my Windows troubleshooting skills) I power reset switch and it now sends SNMP v3 traps

Many thanks for your prompt responses during Wednesday
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