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I have built a new PC and configured it to dual boot XP Pro and XP Pro 64-bit, each on their own partition. Each partition is currently about 30GB. The problem is, what is the best solution for installing applications under each OS. Is it better to install apps for use in each OS on the same partition as the OS or install them to the same (separate) partition to be shared by each OS. I have seen a suggestion where individual folders are used for each OS, for instance Office XP and Office XP 64, Photoshop XP and Photoshop XP64 etc. Any hardware related software I would install on the relevant partition. Disk space is not an issue as I have 2x 500GB drives.
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AerodrakeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is 100% preference. If you share a partition between the OS's you will just have to be careful to not overwrite apps. Perhaps make a Program Files(x86) and Program Files(x64) folder to avoid confusion.
I think it depends on what you want to do. If you want to test how the application works under a given OS then I would install it on that partition local to the OS. If you are just want access to the files then It really does not matter. You want to be careful not to overwrite the App as was suggested before.
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