Software that establishes mapped drive over VPN

I was wondering if there is any type of 3rd party software that initializes a mapped drive to a particular shared folder.

Currently I am using a batch file but it seems that it runs across errors and there is no error log.

Any Suggestions?
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MikeKaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There's no reason why the batch file wouldn't work so long as the VPN is functional and that the host is available across the VPN.  

Try these steps.  

#1 establish your VPN
#2 PING the server by name   i.e.   Do you get a reply?  
#3 Ping the server by netbios name  i.e.    server       So you get a reply?  
#4 If the above 2 failed, try pinging by IP address.
#5 if any of the above worked, try accessing the share by exploring to \\<ip address>\share   then \\<server name>\share  
#6 post the results of those items and we can take it from there.  
goretailproAuthor Commented:
I already have  a batch file that does this I was just inquiring if a 3rd party software would be able to do it also..
ciscoguy69Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have not run into software that only maps drives after initiating a login but if you are just looking for a log file from the batch file, you can either edit the file or create a shortcut to log all of the responses. If you edit the file, the initial command run should look like "net use x: \\server1\share1 > c:\log.txt" and subsequent commands should have the >> instead of just > to append to the same file. If you create a shortcut to run the batch file, just append the > c:\log.txt to the command you run in the shortcut properties. Make sure you have read write privs to the directory you are trying to write the log to.  
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