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Moved Mailbox to new Store - Duplicate Calendar on Blackberry & duplicate alerts on outlook

I have a small BES with only two users on it. We are building a new Exchange Server and I'm moving mailboxes from one information store to the other so to eventually shut down the old server.

Both Exchange Servers are running Exchange Standard 2003 SP2.

The progression is a bit of a mess.

1. Stopped all BES services
2. Started moving the mailbox of the user over to the new server.  Turns out, she was connected via VPN and in her Outlook, It kept giving her errors so she shut outlook down.
3. the mailbox moved successfully but a new mailbox was created on the Information store it was just moved away from.
4. I deleted the mailbox on the old information store (it was blank) The user's e-mail address then was removed from Active Directory users and Groups.
5. I went into the new information store and right-clicked on her mailbox and chose "reconnect" (because it was listed as mark for delete), chose her username and it attached to her just fine.

Now her blackberry has duplicate calendar entries in it and Outlook, while the calendar entries are not duplicated, she gets double-alerts for meetings.

When I click on "Open item" in the alert dialog box, one of the two entires shows at the bottom left "In Shared Folder: Calendar". So, she's getting alerts for her calendar and her shared calendar!  I'm guessing that's why they're duplicated in the blackberry too. The shared calendar is being pushed along with the regular one.

Should I simply unshare and share her calendar to fix it?
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2 Solutions
When you go to the bb device and go under Calendar > Options, do 2 calendars show under that?  If so only keep the one and the delete the other calendar indicated.
cmaohioAuthor Commented:
I was in the middle of a response to my own question here giving more information I stepped away and didn't finish it.

She does have two calendars in her phone both called "desktop" but I don't see a way to delete them. At least it doesn't allow me to. I color coded them, one green, one yellow. however, the doubled entries are BLUE. So, that doesn't make sense. I also see that when editing options for the second calendar (the yellow one) it says there are zero calendar entries so it's obviously not one. I told her simply to delete the blue ones and that is fine.

It appears, though, I have two separate issues because this woman (even after un-sharing and sharing) is still getting double reminders and not only that, she's getting reminders for meetings that she deleted from her calendar already. And now I am having the same problem. I just got a notice from another woman who is having this problem.

We're all running Outlook 2007. I have polled the the rest of the company to see if others are experiencing this on outlook 2003.
cmaohioAuthor Commented:
For Outlook, the problem seems to be that running:  outlook /cleanreminders   fixes it.

For the blackberry, there was no real explanation for this but it was safe to delete the duplicates.

So, I guess in the end, there was no real solution although jdera kinda helped even though I was unable to delete the second calendar.

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