How do I modify the model template descriptions through Solidworks API for each additional page in a drawing file?

If we have multiple pages in an slddrw file, we want to be able to
set a different page description for each.  The section description
would remain the same for all.

I was able to access the model template:

Set swdraw = swmodel
swdraw.edit template
set view = swdraw.getfirstview
set note = view.getfirstnote
snotename = note.getname
snotename = note.propertylinkedtext()

&.then I search for the applicable field PageDescription and because
I am going to be adding another PageDescription, I tack a number on it
that coincides with the page number I want to access, ie PageDescription2.
I have already stored this in the Custom Properties, but now need to associate
it with the actual Editsheet 

I find $PRP:  & Chr(34) & PageDescription & Chr(34)
and want to override it with $PRP:  & Chr(34) & PageDescription2 & Chr(34)
When I retrieved the value I would set the value = note.GetText.

Now I want to set the new description not the value.

as above.....

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usnrConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I've updated the Zones.....can someone please reply?
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