Toshiba Equium power socket


I have a Toshiba Equium L300-146 with a damage power socket. Does anyone know where I can get the part? It is the power socket and there is a cable attached to it, which they have used some sort of hard glue to sort of mould the two together.

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PCBONEZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It will take a ruler and a lot of data sheet digging to find the right one but places like those are where they 'really' come from.
Try contacting the shop where you purchased the laptop. If they cant help, have a quick look on ebay as there are normally lots of spare parts of sale on there. If both of those draw a blank, contact Toshiba. They may be quite expensive though from Toshiba.
You will need to strip down laptop to motherboard,
then remove old socket using soldering iron,
then compare your old socket to a one of them:
then buy one of the,
and fit the new one into the place of old one using soldering iron.

Ofcourse if you never used soldering iron before, then get somoene to do it for you.
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Follow up,

It's very possible that you won't need soldering iron, because many toshiba laptops have external DC sockets that plugs into motherboard.

But still you need to strip it down to find out.
rookie_bAuthor Commented:
Yes, it plugs into the motherboard via a small cable and plug. Just can't find anything for this model. I have looked on ebay and the other sites suggested here but couldn't find it. Please help. Thanks
Basicly its a DC socket soldered to a small cable - desolder DC socket from cable and you have ordinary DC socket - look for the same or similar DC socket - buy it - solder it to cable and isolate it.

Or post a picture of a DC socket from different angles and i'll give you a link to replacement one.
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