snmp traffic?

Quick question, we now have a managment software in place which picks up snmp traffic, if we have 300 clients on our network, would it be safe to enable SNMP on all the computers, or would this slow down our network? Also can you push this out using GPO?

thanks in advance
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This also depends on the power of your monitoring server.  The network may be able to easily take it, but your server may not.  Traps or polls.  This also depends on what you are doing with those traps. The reason I say this is because on mine, we monitor roughly 3000 network devices.  I wanted to record all traps so I could go back thru the logs; so if an incident happened and I wasn't monitoring for it, I could find correlation and build new models.  The problem with this was it got over ran by traps and the app couldn't keep up when there was an incident and a resulting explosion in trap traffic.

With 300 devices you should be fine, but again, I don't know the number of traps your systems will be generating or the scalability of the app you're using or the power of the server.  These are things you just have to feel out over time.
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

Enabling SNMP is no issue. SNMP packets do not have much of size.
Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
Depends . . . do you mean you would want to send traps from these devices or have them polled? While I agree with uetian1707 that an SNMP packet is relatively small, that's not really the issue if you are polling for SNMP statistical data.

If you enable them to send traps, no problem. If you are wanting to poll them, beware.

Good luck,
ravenrx7Author Commented:
I'm using spiceworks and the dude to poll the devices for information
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