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How do I get win2008 to talk to a PDC (or LDAP) to authenticate logins?

I have Win2008 setup as a stand-alone domain. How can I get the Win2008 to see the users from our LAN's PDC?

PDC pc is called ORIGINAL
the PDC Domain is THISISUSD
the win2008 is called NEW_WEB and belongs to workgroup NEW_COMER

When I click the 'Locations' button in the "Add Users" screen, the only domain that shows up is the Win2008 itself. I tried typing in THISISUSD\User1 into the list, but the system will not accept it as valid.

both pc's are in the same ip address space and NEW_WEB can map directories on ORIGINAL by using login credentials on ORIGINAL, so I know they can see and talk to each other.

When I try to add NEW_COMER as Trusted Domain on ORIGINAL, I get an error message that domain name could not be found (Trusting does work).

When i try at the win2008 pc:
netdom trust NEW_WEB /Domain:THISISUSD /ADD
netdom trust NEW_WEB /Domain:ORIGINAL /ADD

an error message of:
"The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted".

The Windows firewall on the win2008 is not popping up that it is blocking anything.
there is an LDAP server in the ip address space that is currently just being used for internal email lookups. But I didn't see a reference to using LDAP in the Win2008 help.

I'm probably going about this wrong, as I am approaching from a linux and nt4 frame of reference.
I want to setup the server so that certain users have certain access to several directories, including web clients. For the web clients, .htaccess would probably work - is there a  Win2008 equivalent to the .htaccess procedure ?

For regular users on the LAN, settting up a user account makes for quite a mess when logging into the server , as each user shows up. Is there a way to setup a user so that there is no terminal access and therefore no icon for the user when logging in?

1 Solution
First, your best bet is to join the 2008 server to your existing NT4 domain as a member server.

Then you'll be able to assign permissions to domain user accounts and groups to the resources on the server.

Here's a note on how to join a 2008 server to an NT4 domain.  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/940268
chipsrpAuthor Commented:
Had to give up the search and try to join to the NT4 Domain, as zelron suggested.
Turned out not to be so simple, as the win08 inisted on an AD to connect too (I couldn't even see an option to connect to an LDAP). Finally got around the problem by putting in the PDC address for the WINS and then running "netdom add" from an administrative command prompt on the win08 box.
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