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Are there any events in the Lotus Notes "Lotus Domino Objects" API?

Are there any events that can be hooked into using the Lotus Notes API "Lotus Domino Objects" or "Lotus Notes Automation Classes".
I have added a reference to these 2 type libraries and wish to have events fire when an email is sent or a document opened. Is this possible?
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No.  In order to provide that type of hook, you will need to use the C or C++ API to write an add-in DLL. The DLL that you write will be referenced in the notes.ini file in the "EXTMGR_ADDINS" or "NSF_HOOKS" key.  For example, in my Palm Conduit application, I wrote a login manager hook that automatically logged-in the current user.

Each library contains several examples.  For my login manager, I started with the C API's EXTPWD example.
Yes, you mentioned "Lotus Domino Objects", which is a set of objects exposed by Lotus Notes through OLE.

LotusScript/COM/OLE Classes:

Here is another link, this one opens the question in which you can find URL for Domino Designer Help, where all Domino classes and their data and function members are explained (also, you have example there of using Domino objects from C#):


Hope this helps,

LotusScript/COM/OLE - none of these libraries have the hooks that jacbarker is looking for.  These libraries are used for designing applications only.

C and C++ - these libraries can be used to create applications, but also have the capability to write Notes client addins that modify the behavior of the Notes client.  Specifically, jacbarker needs to write a "Database Hook Driver".  From the C API documentation: "Database hook drivers are programs that gain control each time a document is opened, updated, or categorized".
No, you're right, you cannot create hooks, but why not tell him what are the libraries he talks about, and where he can find out more about what it can be done using them.

Maybe there's a another solution to his problem...
jacbarkerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Bill, I got the documentation but now cannot open it. I've got another question here:
If you would like to take a look.
Thanks for your help.
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