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Hello, I am trying to create a formula that filters data to not show up in the results.  Below is the code that is written but the option to add more than one filter does not seem to work.

sum(../dfs:dataFields/d:EmployeeInfo/d:VacationInfo/@Hours[../@Type_Vacation != "Vacation" or "Floating Holiday"])

Can someone suggest another option to try.
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mrdesignitAuthor Commented:
Figured it out, the problem was with the code = "Vacation" or "Floating Holiday".  The formula would not work unless the word translate was part of the formula.  Example....

sum(@hours[translate(../@Type_Vacation, "Vacation", "Floating Holidays")])

Not sure if that makes since, but it worked to return a sum of two different conditions.
I would put two seperate conditions in one rule. One for if it equals vacation and the other if it equals Flotating Holiday instead of having the or within your formula itself.
mrdesignitAuthor Commented:
how would the code look on something like this.  Sorry for the delay the project went on hold and now I am back on it.
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