Does somebody know how ot make animated GIFs working in Hotmail, Gmail?

It's about an email signature with an animated GIF. We send HTML-code where we embed the link to the GIF on our server, but Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo nor Hotmail are able to display it.

Can anybody help with this?

Thanks a lot!
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Outlook 2007 uses Word to render the HTML, not IE.  Only the first frame of the animated GIF will be shown.
I tested that animated gifs work fine in gmail, hotmail, and yahoo.  
I used Gmail to test by right clicking an animated gif on the web ( ) copying and pasting into a Gmail message (using IE7)

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I then sent that Gmail message to accounts in Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.  They all worked once you clicked the links to show images.
roger2807Author Commented:
Hi gwkg, thanks a lot for the tipp - these destinations worked here as well, as you described it.

however, i'm trying to automate that process and would need a html  to embed the animated gif in emails. i used this one, but never got an animated gif:

<ahref="" title="Click toview my Home" alt="Click to view my

do you know how to embed the animated GIF?

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How are you sending the email?  Outlook, one of the services mentioned, or another way?
roger2807Author Commented:
automatically, i.e. the application itself. we code it on a .NET website and use HTML-email formating or any other way that's possible
Hosting the .gifs on your site (or anywhere else on the web) and using absolute links should work.  Have you tried?
<img src="" alt="Animated Gif" />
roger2807Author Commented:
Thanks for the tipp, but this did not work! Do  you think there is some scripting possible?
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