How to view XP inbound concurrent connections

I understand there is a 10 inbound connections limit in XP Pro, SP3.  I see lots of questions on this issue, but nowhere have I seen anything on how to find out where your connections are coming from
I have a machine with XP Pro, SP3, its only role is to hold data that is shared by eight other computers.  This machine also has a shared printer.
I calculate my maximum users connections is nine, eight inbound plus the "server" machine.

Yet sometimes when there are only five or six people active on the system, the next person cannot connect.
When I use the net sessions command I can see all the computers connected to the server, and it is fewer than nine.  I do see one computer called, could this be the problem
When I look at computer management, shared folders and sessions via control panel II can see the computers hooked up, but again its less than nine users

Somehow there's nine connections open plus the machine itself.  I just cannot seem to find them all.  I also tried netstat but its output is very confusing.  I have also tried setting disconnect time down to one minute, but there's still a problem
My question, how can I accurately see what connections are being made.

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DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
You'll get a better view with this great util 

type in cmd

type in net config server & press enter
Oh, one more thing

You can configure the AutoDisconnect time by running the following command from a command prompt:
net config server /autodisconnect:time_before_autodisconnect
Specify the time in minutes.
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DON818Author Commented:
The net config server shows a bunch of info such as server name, sw version, max logged on users of 10, max open files and idle time of 1 minute.  It doesn't show me the cause of the problem - who the mysterious extra connections are coming from

I will try the utility later today
DON818Author Commented:

I tried the utility and get more than a screenful of info.  I think my answer could be lying in there somewhere.
Any comments on how to interpret all that info.  All I need to know is what connections or processes (?) are counting towards the ten connection limit as theoretically I should not have a problem with only nine computers in total
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Look under the remote address tab and ignore duplicates and
Have you tried the tcpView utill from Sysinternals? it shows those details.
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
tcpview does yes, but not as much info as currports
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