Exchange 2003 ExMerge - Inherited Mailbox Permissions Trouble

I'm trying to do an export of a users mailbox to a PST file using Exmerge.exe. I'm getting a permissions error in the log. In viewing the permissions in ADUC, I can see my administrator account has the "Full mailbox access" Allow and Deny both checked and gray. So the deny is inherited, where do I go to remove this?

I did look over the permissions via Exchange System Manager, used the reg entry to enable the security tab. I don't see any problems there.
Jason WilcoxAsked:
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Administrator is blocked from access to all mailboxes by default. The deny overrides the allow. To do an import you really should use another account, preferably from a workstation. That will allow you to use an account that is not blocked by default.

Go into the properties of the Mailbox Store and under the security tab, in Advanced, you can override the DENY permissions.  Explicitly applied permissions override inherited.
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