Stack overflow in old DOS program under Windows XP

I use an old DOS based engineering calculation program named ESTRUCT.EXE using the DOS console under Windows XP professional SP2/3.

If I reinstall WIndows XP the application runs fine. But after some time, perhaps after doing something else, the program returns an error:

(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.


? Error: stack overflow
  Error Code 2000
PC = 25AC: 122E; SS = 23A8, FP = 000C, SP = 2580


I already modified the CONFIG.NT and AUTOEXEC.NT. Also, I tried restoring the files from c:\WINDOWS\REPAIR.

It seems to me that something changes in Windows. So far only a reinstall works for me but that is too much work.

Any ideas on what could possibly be happening?
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gato-sanAuthor Commented:
After much diggin' and trying I fixed the problem.

The program worked fine in VirtualBox with WinXP but it was too much of a mess to run all the system there.

I used exehdr.exe which is included in MASM 6 and changed the "initial stack location" value.
Originally it was 0x0800 and first changed it to 0x0c00 as suggested in the link below.

With that setting the program worked (no error messages) but the results returned were garbage. So I changed it again, this time to 0x0900 and KAZAAAAM!!! it all worked very well.

Thanks for pointing me to VirtualBox and VPC I heard of those but had no clue that were free.

Now, can I put those points to myself??

Thanks and bye

RCZ La Paz - Bolivia
1) Right click, properties, compatibility tab, enable compatibility mode
2) Try running the application with the 16bit COMMAND.EXE command interpreter.
3) Install MSDOS or Windows 9x on a virtual machine (MS Virtual Machine and Sun Virtual Box are both free)
Other options, turn on restore points in XP, and restore to a previous point that worked OK.

Also there is a program called apcompat that helps with DOS settings.

I hope this helps !
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I hope that by modifying the memory pointers you do not skew the required results. If it turns out that this was the appropriate solution then congratulations and good job!
gato-sanAuthor Commented:
I compared with several old outputs. All features seem to be ok.
Good job, nice find
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