Cannot Ping between servers - Cisco Switch, PIX, NAT, HP server

I have the following setup.

2 HP servers ( - external NAT) ( - external NAT)

PIX - Internal - External

I have a PIX 515E with NAT enabled.  I cannot ping between servers.  
I have a cisco 3548 switch with 2 VLANs - VLAN 1 has 2 HP servers attached and Internal Interface of PIX, VLAN 10 all external serves and External interface of PIX.

When iIcheck the arp tables on the servers:
on server

Interface: --- 0x10003
Internet Address      Physical Address      Type          00-13-80-d5-95-44    dynamic         00-13-80-d5-95-44     dynamic

On server
Interface: --- 0x10003
  Internet Address      Physical Address      Type          00-13-80-d5-95-44     dynamic         00-22-64-c2-ee-a8     dynamic

As you can see on the 40.10 server the arp cache shows the mac ot the firewall.  I think this is the source of my problem and iIdo not know how to fix it.  Please help.

I have deleted and refreshed the arp cach on the switch and both servers and these were the results.

Thank you.

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You can disable proxy ARP on the PIX to resolve this.  It's a workaround.:

conf t
sysopt noproxyarp inside

You may have an incorrectly configured static NAT on the PIX that is causing the PIX to ARP reply for the address.
Are the ports for the the two servers (on the switch) set to access or trunk(for the VLAN)?
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