How to send SIP IINVITES to multiple Devices


We have developed some software that can accept SIP Invites, transform them, and forward the new data as XML to another 3rd party software. However, we need to understand if there is a way to have a VOIP System send SIP invites to more then 1 device?

We are working with a NORTEL MCS 5200 as the VOIP System.
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As I said before, you could do it with the OpenSIPS SIP Proxy server. You would have to do it like this:

                                                       ------>  PHONE
VOIP SYSTEM  ------>  SIP Proxy  --|
                                                       ------> 3rd Party Device

The process is known as forking, so OpenSIPS is acting as a "forking proxy". The forking proxy is also responsible for handling the responses so the sending device only gets one response.
May be could answer your question for testing purpose.


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AmirlitAuthor Commented:
Thank you, however, I'm not looking for a testing tool. I'm looking to understand if it is possible for a VOIP Device to send SIP INVITES to more then 1 device.
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A SIP Proxy can fork the INVITE request to more than one destination. For example, it can be done with OpenSIPS.
not sure to understand correctly your question :
You want the same sip INVITE to be delivered to many devices ? Broadcast like ?

Or do you want a call to be delivered to multiple targets at the same time, generating one INVITE for each target

May you can add a raw chart of what you have in mind ?

AmirlitAuthor Commented:
We would like to know if its possible for some device to deliver a single sip invite to more then 1 device. For example.

 ----> Send SIP INVITE to PHONE
 ----> SEND SIP INVITE to 3rd Party Device

End Result: CallerID Message Displayed on Phone and 3rd Party Device.

is this possible?
AmirlitAuthor Commented:
Thank you. thats very helpful.  I think at this point I need to follow up with the Manufacturer and find out if they support this feature.
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