SCCM Boot menu like WDS ?


I'm a little bit new to SCCM and I'm presently doing testing in a lab.  Just want to know If it's possible to use a boot menu like WDS or RIS to select an OS Image.  We don't want to always use SCCM and add the computer name in a collection...

Any possible to work with both SCCM and WDS to deploy simple .wim Image file ?

Tx a lot for your help!
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with SCCM PXE service you either use SCCM's PXE or WDS, you cannot chop and change between the two... as soon as you install SCCM PXE that takes control of the WDS servcie on that machine.
ETN_InfoAuthor Commented:
Tx for your answer!

And in SCCM, is there any way to add kind of a menu to choose Image from or you don't have a choice and absolutely need to add your computer to a collection so the image can be push?

yes, the computer must be part of the appropriate collection (unless you us unknown computer support, in which case, sccm will add an unknown PXE booting computer to a collection... which must have a bootable task sequence advertised to it)
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