Add Rule in Cisco PIX 515

I need to add a rule to our firewall for an external IP that is already configured.  I need to create an access rule that forwards all incoming traffic from the external IP to port 4261 instead of port 80 which I am told is the default.

Any ideas?
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DonbooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
conf t
static (inside,outside) tcp "PUBLIC-IP"eq 80 "INTERNAL-IP" eq 4261 netmask 0 0
access-list outside_access_in permit tcp any host "public-IP" eq 80
access-group outside_access_in in interface outside

This forwards all traffic recieved on the PUBLIC IPs port 80 to port 4261.
static (inside,outside) tcp interface outside 80 4261
where is the internal address. Let me know if this is not what you are lookin for
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