Intel G33 integrated Graphics drivers...for Windows 98?!!?

I am dual booting 98 / XP on a brand new HP Compaq dx2400 microtower that was essentially designed for Vista.  Windows 98 is critical and cannot be avoided.  Intel of course doesn't have win98 drivers posted for this chipset, but I am hoping that something exists.  I found an INF update that installed a few things, but there is still a great deal missing.

I need graphics drivers installed so I can get this thing out of 640x480.  Also the ICH9 SMBus drivers and some USB functionality will not work.  At minimum I am hoping to just get a functional graphics driver for the G33 integrated (GMA 3100) graphics chipset.  If anyone can get ICH9 updates for this situation would be greatly appreciated as well.  
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Justin_W_ChandlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Would it be feasible to install Windows 98 on a virtual machine? What does the necessity of Windows 98 stem from? Finally, you can try using these Windows98 specific VESA-compliant drivers. They may be just what the doctor ordered! DON'T expect any 3D acceleration, however.
I can't seem to attach the ZIP file -- it keeps saying the file extension is not allowed (which ZIP files are allowed...) Here's a link to the file directly to download:
Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Newer chipsets simply don't work with Windows 98 ... and there's basically nothing you can do about it as far as a native install goes.

A virtual machine will work fine, since it emulates older, supported (by '98) hardware.   You can use the free Virtual PC 2007 or, if you need USB support, the free VMWare Server.   Windows 98 runs just fine in both.   The only issue is if you have add-in hardware that's not available to the virtual machine;  but I gather that's not the case here.

Another advantage of a virtual machine is that you can then trivially move to newer hardware at any time ==> simply copy the virtual machine files; install the appropriate virtualization environment (Virtual PC or VMWare); and it will run fine.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
... here are the most current versions for the two virtual environments mentioned above:

Virtual PC 2007 (w/SP1):

VMWare Server:
Nothing more to add here about the actual issue, but for Justin's information regarding the upload of *.zip files here.  Yes, you can upload *.zip files, but ONLY if the CONTENTS are not amongst the disallowed list.  It seems nonsensical I know, so the usual workaround is to rename the files inside the *.zip file to the *.txt extension for uploading, and post instructions to rename them back to the correct file extension.  More bother than it's worth when you have a live link elsewhere.
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