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I have J drive which is Disk6 that is connect to a SAN. The J drive is currently 60gb I need to increase the size to 180GB. I have expanded the lun. I have extended the partition. Disk6 now says it is 180gb. But when I look at drive J it says capacity 60gb. How do I get the J drive to show a capacity of 180gb?
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:

Don't see how the link you reference applies to this situation.  This is a SAN that must be connected to a server.  Further, it's not the C: drive with a problem - it's the J drive.  I would suggest reading up on diskpart as the partition now needs expanding.  Expanding the RAID expands the RAID container but does not affect the partition.  Diskpart, built in to 2000 and 2003, can be used from the command line to extend the partition.

Did you check in the Disk Management to see if there is 120 gb of unallocated space? if so you can either use third party tools or if it is Win 2008 then you can extend the volume size using the Disk Management it self. Or just recreate the partition if it has no Application Data on it. Make sure to take backup of the data already in the partition.

See the link below to look for the tool

If you dont see the unallocated space, then you may just try to make the offline and online to see if that helps.

Good luck.
Kimberly1467Author Commented:
Disk management show it as an extended partition with 120gb of free space
Do you see that 120 gb as un partitioned or unallocated? May be you have to delete that 120 gb partition and combine it with your existing 60 gb.
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