Multiple identical events in Application Event Log

We have a Windows 2003 Server (SP2), dedicated to our databases. We use SQL Server 2000 for our databases and have full-text search for all the databases, running at different times daily. The full-text search for most of the databases are incremental indexing at night. For sometime now we see in the Application Event Viewer of the server that for each db that search indexing starts, it happens 4 times rather than just once, even though all four have same Event IDs and started at exact same time. Therefore, in the Event Viewer, there are 4 copies of Gatherer log for the search index for a database, instead of one. We wonder if that has performance/load issues on our server since there are many databases? Why/how would a full-text index schedule for a database produce 4 events instead of 1?
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You might have 4 events because you have 4 indexing jobs starting at the same time.  How many databases do you have on the server?  With SQL, you can create indexes on individual tables and have separate schedules for the jobs.  In your case, you might have 4 tables being incrementally indexed with the same start time.
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