Compare fields in Excel Workbook on different sheets

Posted on 2009-02-18
Last Modified: 2012-05-06
I have an excel workbook.  I'm new to working with VBScript and excel workbooks but am trying to learn -- Any good sites to point to commands working with Excel Tabs/worksheets?

1) Read Serial # from Sheet2.Column1 into var strWarranty {look until no more}
2) Read Serial # from Sheet1.Column8 into var strServers
3) Compare strWarranty with strServers - If match WScript "MATCH"
     This will eventually populate Sheet1.Column9-10 with data from Sheet2.Column3-4.
     Loop through Sheet1.column8 until match {or not} is found.

  I am getting var strWarranty populated and output.
  I am NOT getting var strServers populated.  
  The inner DO WHILE is not being processed.

Workbook name  = ServerTest.xlsx
Sheet1 = Servers    (Server Inventory)  
Sheet2 = Warranty  {Dump of HP Warranty info)

Sheet1.Column8 = Serial # from Servers Sheet
Sheet2,Column1 = Serial # from Warranty Sheet

On Error Resume Next

' Declare Variables and Constants

Dim intCount1 

Dim intCount2 

Dim strWarranty

Dim strServers  

strExcelPath = "c:\ServerTest.xlsx"

Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

' Open specified spreadsheet and select the first worksheet.

objExcel.WorkBooks.Open strExcelPath

Set objSheet1 = objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(1)

Set objSheet2 = objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(2)

objExcel.Visible = True

WScript.Echo "Made it here..."

intCount1 = 2

intCount2 = 2

Do While objExcel.Sheets("Warranty").Cells(intCount1, 1).Value <> ""

    StrWarranty = objExcel.Sheets("Warranty").Cells(intCount1, 1).Value

	Wscript.echo "Warranty Serical Number: -->" & StrWarranty & "<--"

	Wscript.echo "                 COUNTS: -->" & intCount1 & "<-->" & intCount2 & "<--"

	Do While objExcel.Sheets("Servers").Cells(intCount2, 8).Value <> ""

		strServers = objExcel.Sheets("Servers").Cells(intCount2, 8).Value

		Wscript.echo "Server Serical Number: -->" & strServers & "<--" 

		If strServers = strWarranty then

			Wscript.echo "MATCH: Server Serical Number: -->" & StrServers & "<-->" & strWarranty & "<--"

		end if

		intCount2 = intCount2 + 1


	Wscript.Echo "intCount1: " & intCount1

	Wscript.Echo "intCount2: " & intCount2

	Wscript.Echo "<<-------------------------------------------->>"

	intCount1 = intCount1 + 1


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Question by:MAJAEJ
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    Accepted Solution

    On the sheet Servers, are there any blank lines in column 8?  In particular, is the first line blank?

    Just to double-check, the idea is to read a warranty number from one sheet, and then look for this number in the second sheet, and repeat for all warranty numbers?

    It will be quicker to use an Excel search to match the number, but first of all we need to establish why the inner loop isn't working - it should be unless it encounters an empty cell.

    For debugging you may want to remove the on error resume next.  It is difficult to track down errors with that enabled.

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