Home folder mapping problem

I am using net use /home to map user's home directory.  Recently I found this script doesn't work properly on our newly purchased HP computers.  By default, the command should map user home folder to this place:
\\servername\student\username (Only student is shared), but instead it maps only to \\servername\student.
I've checked the user profiles in AD, and they are all correctly configured.

For whatever reason, the net use h: /home command on these computers cannot figure out what the username is, and therefore it just maps to the main share folder "student".

However, the net use /home command is working fine on all other XP computers - It's just these new ones that experience this problem.

How can this be corrected??
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Justin_W_ChandlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try each of these commands (for the second one it must be in a batch file. if you want to test on command line use %A instead of %%A)

net use z: %homeshare%\%username%

for /f "tokens=3*" %%A in ('net user /domain %username%^|find "Home directory"') do net use z: %%A
Why not use the home path in AD? This is under the username on the Profile tab.


Has this been set already?
tntmax if you do that it will be hardcoded on the login script so you can't move the home directories to another server without modifying the script. Check out my commands above -- they accomplish this in  either of two ways:

1) by using the system variables set during logon
     * OR *
2) by querying active directory and mapping with the users current home path in AD
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Oh, I was not saying using this as part of the login script, but rather setting it on the user by connecting drive h: to \\servername\student\%username% That's pretty much worked everywhere I've used it, unless there are other issues on the desktop.
Great suggestion but still you're hard coding the server name and path in the login script, which defeats the purpose of the "home directory" designation. You're right, it will definitely work.. but if the home drive is moved to another server it will no longer work because the path doesn't exist any more, and to remedy you'll have to change it in the login script. Not a huge problem in a SOHO setting, but in a larger business could be a real nightmare. Imagine moving 100 users from SERVERA to SERVERB and then having to edit all their logon scripts :)
TBALLIN what is the status of this? Which of the two commands worked for you?
tballinAuthor Commented:
I've been on vacation for the past week - I will try out the solutions today.
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