PGP encryption needs user input in script

Hi all,
I have a bat file used to download 3 files, copy to new names and ftp them. A new requirement is they be encrypted. The problem is:
PGP needs to generate some random data. This is done by measuring
the time intervals between your keystrokes. Please enter some
random text on your keyboard until the indicator reaches 100%.

Does anyone know how this might be done without user intervention?
Until now this was just scheduled to run, which it did just fine and no one had to do anything.
I have tried BATCHMODE & FORCE with no luck
copy C:\FTP\Republic\Data\4CIS_SIC.DAT C:\FTP\Republic\Data\4CIS_SIC_%dte%.dat
pgp  -ae C:\FTP\Republic\Data\4CIS_SIC_%dte%.dat Republic IT

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Dave HoweConnect With a Mentor Software and Hardware EngineerCommented:
try using gpg instead? that doesn't try to force you into generating randomness....
not sure if this works on M$ systems:

echo asdfghjklqwertuiopxcvbnm |pgp -ae .....
ChuckyouAuthor Commented:
This solution works, I guess there is not one for PgP. I was able to encrypt using gpg and then unencrypt using pgp which is all that really matters. Thanx for the suggestion.
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