Email Enabled Public Folders no longer receiving mail

This started occurring yesterday....before has been working for years flawlessly.  We are Exchange 2007 SP1.  I looked at the msg tracking....and msgs are definitely getting to the appropriate server......they just never appear in Public Folders.

How do I go about troubleshooting this?
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adkinsmatthewConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This had nothing to do with was happening for everyone.  Anyway....I just restored it from backup.
What does message tracking actually say about what is happening to the message? Delivered to the store?

You have checked that no one has set a view on the folder to hide the content?

adkinsmatthewAuthor Commented:
Yes...the msg actually arrives at the store.  I'm not sure about what you mean in your second question.  How would you check that?
A view is a view. Someone has set the folder to only show messages of a certain type, age etc and it is hiding the messages that are received. If message tracking shows delivery to the store then I would suspect that is what is happening.

Outlook, View.
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