Outlook client is automatically moving new email to a local personal folder.

I'm not sure what to make of this or how to change it, but I have a user on Outlook 2003 with an Exchange account on a 2003 Exchange Server. All of her folders are on the server, and I moved everything from a local store to the server and that is all ok. What's strange is that new emails are still going to an inbox under her Personal folders, which is a local store. There are no POP accounts on this client. I can't figure out why this is happening. Any suggestions?
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In Outlook go to Tools, Email Accounts. Click "View or Change" and Next. Look near the bottom and see where it says to deliver new email. It should say "Mailbox - ". If it says "Personal FolderS" or something else, it's putting it in a local PST file.
I think while your inside outlook it will not let you change the delivery location. You need to close outlook and go to your control panel and then go into 'Mail' where you can make the change (if indeed the delivery location is set incorrectly).

Open Outlook
Close Personal Folder
Close Outlook
re-open Outlook using Start>Run>outlook.exe /cleanrules
(This will clear any custom rules that have been setup. However, all one needs to do is recreate them)

Reconnect Personal Folder

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