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How to write a shell script to take backup of Documentum Server having backend as oracle?

I am very new to shell script and documentum, can you please help me to create a shell script to take a backup of documentum.
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From what I am reading (I don't have and have never used Documentum, but I have worked with similar products), there is a file system component and a database component.

EMC sells a software package for doing "live" backups of the application ... which implies that without this you are going to have to do a "cold" backup (meaning you will have to stop the application before you back it up).

To do this, you can use a "net stop ..." command from a .CMD file to stop the services (one command line for each service that needs to be stopped).  You can then backup the data, how ever you want to do it, you could xcopy the data or run backup software.  The next step is to backup the database.  How you do this would depend on the database you are using, but there should be a command line that you can implement to do this.  Once the backup routines have run, then you execute "net start ... " for each service that you stopped.

This is the general idea ...

net stop "documentum"

xcopy c:\data\documents d:\backups\
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\Binn\osql.exe" -E -Q "BACKUP DATABASE mydatabase TO DISK='D:\backup\database\mydatabase.bak' WITH FORMAT"

net start "documentum"


I will assume that you have Documentum Content Server on a Unix Server and the WDK applications (DA and Webtop) installed on a different one, I will also assume that you are using the default FileStore. First you'll have to take down the CS process, then do the DB and the FileStore backup and finally start the CS process again. In the DB Backup section you will have to put the code used by the DB to perform the Backup. This process is for version 5.3, if you need the process for version 6 or 6.5 please ask. Replace the docbase name where pointed without using the square brackets. The filestore backup will be made using cpio unix command and sending it to a tape device.
cd $DM_HOME/tomcat/bin
./dm_shutdown_[docbase name]
ls -R $DOCUMENTUM/data | cpio -ov > /dev/rmt0
[DB Backup Section]
./dm_start_[docbase name]
cd $DM_HOME/tomcat/bin

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