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Changing address of Citrix Web Interface


I am running the Web Interface that comes with PS 4.5 Enterprise.

I had a couple of questions I was hoping someone could help me with;

a) Currently, the address is http://servername/Citrix/AccessPlatform : is there anyway to change this to, say, http://companycitrix ?

b) I have one Web Interface server running. Is it possible to have more running for load balancing and redundancy? How much stress does the WI actually take? Is it only when people are logging on?

c) Are there any recommendations in terms of removing certain software, hardening etc? The WI server is for internal users at the moment, and just sitting on the LAN

d) Eventually, we'd like to publish the Web Interface for users outside the network. Can we have some WI servers for internal and some for external?
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Carl WebsterCommented:
a) Create a DNS "A" record for companycitrix that has the same P address as servername.

b) Yes you can have more than 1.  Use the free Windows NLB to load balance them.  WI is fairly stress free.  The minimum HW requirements for WI should tell you something.  It doesn't need much RAM or processor power or HD space.  http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX108812

c) Install WI on the Web Server version, don't join a domain and install all Windows Security updates.

d) Yes.  You can have 1 WI server for Internal and 1 for External OR have 1 WI server with 2 sites: one for Int and one for Ext.  http://www.msterminalservices.org/articles/Managing-Multiple-Sites-Citrix-Web-Interface.html

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