IT Security Policies

does anybody know of a site where I can get samples or templates of Network Security Polices.
In particluar I need some in regards to Email Retention, Internet Usage, email usage and Company computer usage.
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I know this isn't exactly what you are looking for but they have some good stuff.
Its a huge page but look towards the bottom and you get a lot of policies
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Hii schuitkds,

In regards to controlling Internet Usage and Email Usage. These things cannot be controlled via group policies/security policies. You will need a proxy server for controlling/monitoring internet usage for users.
To get an idea on what can be done via group policies have a look here -
schuitkdsAuthor Commented:
thanks all
what i need right know is a document for email retention.
We use pop3 accounts(I know not good) and
each user maintains there own email organization deletions etc.
I need an example of company policy in regards to how long to keep emails , deletions, personal use etc.
Hi mate,

Once again, Email retention using pop3 is not possible at GROUP POLICY level.
You mentioned that you user POP3 accounts. What you can do is HACK the OUTLOOK.exe, executable using and disable a few options so that users cannot delete emails.
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