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SQL Navigator vs Toad 2009

I have read some reviews comparing SQL Navigator with TOAD for Oracle, but they are several years old.  I currently program using PL/SQL via sqlplus and I use ToRa as well.   However, I now need the ability to print out an ERD for a developer who will be writing a new web-based front end for an Oracle Database application I have written that currently uses a Microsoft Access front end.  I also have never gotten the hang of using an Oracle debugger on this system and need something that allows one to set breakpoints and monitor program execution in sessions other than the one the debugger is running in.

A new analyst working for us has used SQL Navigator and we were thinking of purchasing it.  But when I looked it up on Quest, I also saw the TOAD product.  In looking at reviews from a 2005, people were speculating that Quest was going to be concentrating on TOAD and that was the route to go.  But, 4 years later, I am trying to get a feel for where these two products are now and which way, if either, to go.

2 Solutions
Depends on your requirements and level of development. TOAD is mainly a development tool (not as detailed as SQL Navigator) with some dba functions added. TOAD also comes with debugger (separate license) of course. SQL Tuning feature is also very powerful. Go with TOAD, you can always add SQL Navigator feature if needed.

Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Our developers use TOAD and like it.  I find that the "free" (well at least you don't pay extra for it, its included in the Oracle DB software license) Oracle tool: "SQL Developer" offers the ability to debug PL\SQL code, set breakpoints, monitor PL\SQL procedures running in other sessions, etc.  It may not be quite as easy to use as TOAD, but its hard to beat the price!  It also has most of the same features that TOAD has.
SQL navigator is much faster than TOAD. If are doing straight development work and do not need the fancy DBA tools, i recommend SQL Nav 6.1  (searching for code in SQL Nav is much easier/faster than with TOAD)

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