Watchguard x5 VPN step by step

Trying to setup a Watchguard Firebox X Edge with client VPN Access.  I have 5 licenses, does anyone have a step by step?
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dpk_walConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Before you begin, please make sure the remote computer does not have any other IPSec mobile user VPN client software installed. It is recommended you uninstall any desktop firewall software (other than Microsoft firewall software) from each remote computer.

To configure MUVPN:
1. You need to add users in Edge first, to add a new Firebox user, select Firebox Users > New User. You can also edit any of the existing users as you might have added.
2. On the Settings tab, type an Account Name for the user. Type the password for the user. This is
different from the shared secret you type for VPN configuration.
3. Click the MOVPN tab.
4. Select the Enable Mobile VPN with IPSec for this account check box.
5. Type a shared key in the Shared key field.
6. Type the virtual IP address in the field. The virtual IP address must be an address on the X Edge trusted or optional network that is not used and is not part of any range of DHCP addresses assigned by the Edge.
This address is used by the remote computer to connect to the network behind Firebox X Edge.
7. Configure/change the Authentication Algorithm or Encryption Algorithm settings or leave them to default.
8. Set Mobile VPN key expiration in kilobytes and/or hours or leave defaults.
9. Select Mobile User in the VPN Client Type drop-down list.
10. Select the All traffic uses tunnel ( IP Subnet) check box if the remote client sends all its
traffic (including usual web traffic) through the VPN tunnel to the Firebox X Edge [called zero route tunnel]; if you wish to implement split tunneling then leave this box unchecked.
11. Click Submit.

To get the .wgx file:
Select Firebox Users. Below Secure Mobile VPN with IPSec Client Configuration Files, select the .wgx file to download. Save the .wgx file to your computer.
You need to take this file to the remote machine; install software and then double click the file; it would prompt for password [this is as set in step # 5 above]. After this the client is configured and ready to connect.

Please implement and update if you need more details.

Thank you.
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