Crystal Reports XI and OLE Picture object size

In Crystal Reports XI, I can add an OLE object and format the Picture to enter the path to the actual picture.  It is a picture of a person.  Unfortunately all of the pictures are not the same quality.  Most are ok and are big enough to see (the 20k, 50, etc pictures look great) but the 6k, 7k pictures are SO SMALL you cannot see them at all.  Is there a way to have the picture "FIT" to the OLE Object you have created for it to fill? Fit or keep aspect ratio but fit as close as it can? Thanks for any help you may offer.
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jyklerAuthor Commented:
I found a question title Crystal Reports problem with "can grow" in which the questioner was asking about images and sizing.  One of the comments stated: "I see a problem if I design the report with a large image in the design - the section does not shrink for smaller images and there is wasted white space.
However, if I design based on a small image box and set the can grow property, i get images of varying sizes displayed with no wasted space. "

Using this information, I set up the OLE object with a smaller sized picture.  Now all the pictures are approx the same size and quality looks great.  

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Thank you.
I've recently been using pictures pulled into a report. The formatting is quite problematic. The simplest solution for you may be using a separate utility to resize all the pictures before processing them. CR11 _can_ scale, but I don't know that auto-fit is available.

jyklerAuthor Commented:
I don't think the separate utility is a possibility.  We get pictures from two different studios and the one will not send us the cd's with better quality pictures.  It is quite annoying.  
Can you give me some hints on how to "scale" the pictures? Will it attempt to scale all pictures, even the large ones? Some pictures look great and fill the OLE box just fine.  Is there a way to have it Fill the OLE box for all pictures (without autofit)?
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