Terminal services via multi-WAN adsl router

I am to setup a terminal server on a cisco multiWAN ADSL2+ router.
Each WAN ADSL link will be with a different ISP and obioulsy have a different static IP address.

My question is normaly in a single IP situation you setup port forwarding and your done.
With 2 WAN IP's  how do i go about  configuring the connection IP in the RDP client if there is 2 ?

what if 1 IP is down ?
can i configure each IP to port forward to the internal server?

Or do i setup some sort of DNS record , round robin rings a bell from my student days ...

I use DYNDNS currently do they have something to help?

Please help,

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winthropjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use DNS. You would have a record for each IP address and then assign a cost.
The cost determines the order in which they are tried. Give the first a cost of 10, the second 20 and so on. This way you'll have room to switch them around if need be. Traffic will route vis the lowest cost available.
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