Search facility in FTP

I want to provide search facility in my ftp site which is hosted in an IIS server. For example if a user logs in to my ftp using his specified user name and password, he should be able to search for his desired file. Is there any way of doing this?
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Fernando GomezDBACommented:
I Think that there's not an FTP client with search capability, instead you can create a text file in your home directory (scheduled to update after a time), and the users can download the file, instead to search to your FTP (and if is possible you can save bandwith), the users need to download the file and search on it.

Hope helps.
The FTP protocol does not have any provisions for searching.

An FTP client would need to query the server for lists of files and folders and do the searching itself. This would not be a feature provided by IIS or any other server, but rather a feature of the client.
josephmsAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Let me know any client which has the search facility
josephmsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion
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