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Publishing a website with iWeb but not to the me.com domain?

I bought a domain name for a friend that's setting up a new business.  Got the domain hosted and set up email addresses.  I am familiar with WIndows and Front Page and can set up a local website, then publish it to the web server with no problems.

her husband wants to design the website.  he has a mac and iweb?  He said he was on the phone with Apple, and at the apple store for a long time trying to get this to work (publsih to the linux web server).  the best he can do, and with no problems, is to publish to a me.com hosting account (that apple gives you?) and set up the web hosting to redirect to this me.com home page

so when you go to their website www.domain.com it then changes to web.me.com/husband/index.html

I think that looks crappy.  I am thinking he could make a frame page on the web server and load his me.com pages in that frame.

but a better way would to be able to publish from a mac to the webserver?

it seems that iweb can only publish to me.com?

Again, I don't know mac at all! is there another app he should be using?  A different process to do this?  thanks!
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If I understand you correct you can leave your domain with your current registrar / host and make a www CNAME record to map to web.me.com.

At your original domain registrar control panel, create a subdomain CNAME www record called web.me.com.

Please note the . at the end of the CNAME. This .(point) is important.

You will then need to get your client to log in to their me.com account and go to account settings/domain management. Here you can add a personal domain reference (I think that's what it's called). This will be your actual domain name you want to use.

It will say something like: Before your iWeb site can be viewed at your personal domain, you must complete the following steps:
"      Go to your registrar's website. Define web.me.com. as the "www" CNAME (alias) for your domain.

That's what I instructed you to do above.

If you have done that, click the link to say you have completed that to complete the change.

Do not expect an immediate change and Web site availability! You are now into the realms of DNS propagation. It can take 24 - 48 hours for DNS records to propagate over the Internet so be patient :o)

PS. Make your changes the correct way using DNS. Don't use framesets. That's not what they were designed for and will cause you more trouble than they are worth re search engines and usability / accessibility et al :)

I hope this helps you. Let me know how you get on.


Peter HarrisFileMaker Developer at CognitiveCommented:
I would strongly suggest getting the latest iWeb (part of the new iLife 09) which allows direct publishing to non-mobileme domains.

If still frustrated with iWeb they could try RapidWeaver which is very easy to use.
Peter HarrisFileMaker Developer at CognitiveCommented:
By the way if they don't want to get iLife 09 you can export the web site and then upload the files to your non-mobile me site using an ftp tool on the Mac like Fetch.
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
To clarify .. iWeb 08 had the ability to publish a website to a folder on your Mac .. you could then use Fetch or Cyberduck FTP to upload them to any FTP web server .. there are 2 major problems.
1. Every time you make a small change in iWeb and Publish it ... iWeb republishes the entire website .. this results in ALL images and pages being updated to the current date and time.  This makes it hard to work out what is new and old in terms of what to upload via ftp to the web.
2. I find that iWeb websites are quite graphic intensive and use XML extensively ... this can make the pages quite large and slow and difficult to tweak manually.  Basically if he wants to use iWeb .. stick to it and don't try too many manual hacks.

I too would STRONGLY recommend that he use iWeb 09 as it is MUCH better in terms of the ability to publish to any FTP server and website
babaganooshAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys... just heard from the husband.  he's been uploading his website via cpanel, 1 file at a time!  He says he was back at the apple store and they told him if he didn't want to use the mobile me? domain (is that a freebie to mac users?) then he should get a godaddy hosting account.

I was trying to tell him that the godaddy hosting is likely no different from what we have now and they should show him how to deal with publishing to a godaddy hosting account.  I can't get him to tell me what version of iweb he has (I sent your notes above).  Very frustrating for me - not answering my questions, wanting me to do more work / open godaddy hosting and likely frustrating for him.. this has been hanging on for a couple weeks now.

any thoughts on godaddy working but not other non mac hosting?  is iweb always part of ilife? How can we tell what version of iweb he has vs. what he needs? (iweb 09 is in ilife 09?)  how much should ilife 09 cost?

Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Mobile Me domain ,, is included as part of the Mobile Me annual subscription $79 per annum.

GoDaddy should also be a valid hosting solution .. got for a Linux rather than Windows hosting package as support for PHP etc is better although iWeb largely uses XML.

iWeb is part of the iLife suite of products.. unless he bought or upgraded iLife in the last 2 months he will have iWeb 08 or earlier.

iLife 09 is something like $79 - http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB966?mco=MzA3MDc5Mg


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