Is there a way to adjust the fan speeds on my server; too loud...

I just got a new server; its made for a rack but right now I just have it on my desk; it is running very cool which is great but it sounds like the fans are working overtime and hums really loud.. is there a way to adjust fan speed? Below are the specs on it...(running with freebsd7.1)

Intel Pentium D 940 Dual Core 3.2GHz 800MHz LGA775 processor
Supermicro PDSBM-LN2+ or equivalent motherboard
Chipset: Intel 946GZ & ICH7R
4Gb 240pin DDR2-667/533 DIMMs, Non-ECC Unbuffered,Max Capacity 4GB
2 x 250 Gb SATA2 7200WD HDDs
1 x slim DVD-Rom
Video: Integrated Intel 946GZ Graphics Controller
LAN: 2x Intel 82573 PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet Controllers
HighPoint RocketRAID 1720 SATA2 RAID 2-Channel Controller
Supermicro 1U chasssis with 2 hotswap bays and mounting kit

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You could, but you would not want to risk the machine overheating. The fans are loud because it's a 1U rack case and they have fans have to be small, but still move a lot of air to maintain proper cooling of all of the internal parts. Servers built in the form factor that yours rarely, if ever, take things like noise into consideration. Even if the BIOS does let you adjust the fan speed manually, do so at your own risk after carefull consideration :)
solunatecAuthor Commented:
Well I guess its easier and cheaper to replace the fans(blowers) than the cpu...; it just makes me nervous but I guess I will have to overcome my human instincts and think like a machine...: but thank you for the comforting advice...
try to update the server's firmware i tried it on intel server chasis number 2500 pal and it worked
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