How do I put an answer file on an Office 2007 CD

I have a number of users who wish to install Office 2007 on their home PCs (this is allowed under our corporate agreement with Microsoft)  Previously, with Office 2003 I was able to create an install CD with an answer file (setup.ini) on the disk, so that the user could run the install without need to input PID, Company Name, etc.

How can I do this with Office 2007?  At a minimum, it must handle the PID without the user typing it in.
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jannisjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need the Enterprise version (VLK), to use this method.

Here`s how:

1. Copy the office cd to a folder on your drive.
2. run the following: setup.exe /admin
3. choose the products you wish to make a customized install of.
4. Go through all the steps
5. Make sure you have "completion notice" turned on & "suppress modals" turned off. (this way you see any errors if any exists when testing the installer). When everything works as wanted, modify the patch and disable completion notice, and enable suppress modals.
6. put the patch file in the office 2007 setup file folder.
7. to install office with your selected customizations, run setup.exe /adminfile your.patch.msp

If you use the VLK/Enterprise version, you can just put it in the Updates folder, burn everything to a new cd, and setup will automatically use the customization file.

You can also add other MSP files from for instance sp1 update file, to get updates installed automatically during setup).
jhenderson42Author Commented:
That was excellent - thankyou.
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