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I need to set up my exchange server to allow one client to get pop access.  He wants to have exchange on his laptop, but on his iphone he wants to receive e-mail.  The catch is that he does not want email sent to the phone to be deleted off the exchange server when he decides to delete the e-mail off the phone.  I figured that would best be server through the pop access.

Pop service is running on the server and he is allowed to have pop access, however it is not working.  Any ideas?
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well, if you dont want the mail to be deleted, you'd use IMAP not pop....
on top of that, iphones work with activesync - so just use that!
iFrogAuthor Commented:
Ok, so I have set everything up, as was listed in documents however its a no go.  The Exchange connection is working on the iphone.  Only issue is that it deletes the email completely when he deletes it on his phone.  This is not what he wants.  If I try to just set up the phone in IMAP or POP connections I just get connection errors.  They seem to deal with my login credentials.  I am not sure why.
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