Deleting Filestream BLOB and underlying files on filesystem

Hey all

I've deleted rows in my database table, containing a filestream column. My issue is that it does not delete the underlying files on the filesystem, even though MSDN and other sources say that it is supposed to work.

Is there any way that the underlying files can be deleted immediately along with the rows in the database?

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"FILESTREAM garbage collection is a background task that is triggered by the database checkpoint process. A checkpoint is automatically run when enough transaction log has been generated. For more information, see the SQL Server 2008 Books Online topic CHECKPOINT and the Active Portion of the Log ( Given that FILESTREAM file operations are minimally logged in the databases transaction log, it may take a while before the number of transaction log records generated triggers a checkpoint process and garbage collection occurs. If this becomes a problem, you can force garbage collection by using the CHECKPOINT statement."
culminITAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help
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