How to Set text into a Dialog Item from Outside of that Dialog class

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        i have a SDI Application in VC++6.0/MFC in which i am using a DialogBox with SavingDlg Class. The DialogBox has two CEdit Control, Now i want to Set or Get the Value from or of the CEdit from Outside the SavingDlg Class.

how to Do it

Right Now i am using Following concept But it occur error

Right now i am declaring  SavingDlg *saveDlgThisPtr;   pointer in SavingDlg.C++ Files and Assign this pointer into this.

And Now in the file where i want to use it i decare it using  extern SavingDlg *saveDlgThisPtr;
and using in this file but it dispaly error that IDD_SAVEDLG is undeclared identifier

 IDD_SAVEDLG is basically SavingDlg Dialog ID
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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
#include "resource.h"
in the .cpp file you want to access the other dialog from.
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