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I have a HP photosmart 7350 printer.  I have my boot partition (c:) at 50mb and my d: partition has Windows XP Professional on it.  I downloaded the software for this printer to my Documents and Settings\Desktop on D:  But when I try to run this software it always tries to put it on the boot partition and the software requires 84mb so it always says not enough space on C:  I have tried to go on run and entered the path and file name with that followed with d:\ to attempt to change the path but no luck.  Can this be fixed?
William RichardsonAsked:
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>>   boot partition (c:) at 50mb    <<  i doubt that very much; maybe 50 GB ?
but you can make a partition larger with bootit- ng :       
if you want more info, post EXACT disk setup and partition sizes
William RichardsonAuthor Commented:
Well my previous HD had the boot partition at 50mb (not gb) but I didn't know I had 200mb on this drive until I checked it.  There was software not needed on it so I just deleted it and installed the software needed.
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