Can I use Linux to push out Windows update to the clients?

I wanted to know if its possible to create a Linux Server that will push out windows updates to the client machine?

I currently have windows 2003 server using WSUS and would like to have the linux server grab the updates from the windows 2003 server and push it out to the client machines..Is this possible and how would it work?

I heard WPKG is good but never actually used it. Can anyone with experience tell me what is the best setup for this environment? Thanks
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Morne LateganConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use wpkg, its very simple: You have a share on the network with a script (wpkg itself), host definitions, profile definitions, and packages. Then you create a profile for each group of computers and say for this profile i want the following packages install. Then add hosts to profiles. Its very simple, but works like a dream.

Also have a look at OCS-NG. It has a package deployment system as well.

May I ask, why not stick with WSUS? If its working already, thats probably your best bet for Windows updates. It will be less of a hassle to do it with WSUS than any other package.
techin4Author Commented:
Hi Uberpappa,
Thanks for the quick response. I plan to stick with WSUS in one location. We are setting up other locations and because of our budget, I would like the linux servers to grab the updates from windows 2003 and push them to the client.

But what I curious is if WPKG can grab the updates from the WSUS server?
Thanks again

I think wpks has that ability , but you need to have samba for that.

have read little discreption from this site abotu this softwarw
the first line : WPKG is an automated software deployment, upgrade and removal program for Windows. It can be used to push/pull software packages, such as Service Packs, hotfixes, or program installations from a central server (for example, Samba or Active Directory) to a number of workstations. It can run..

i will try to look at documentation  of wpkg see if they say any thing how to do..
Morne LateganCommented:
Although I have never done it myself,

refers to a tool to export approve updates to xml. With a bit of hacking you can convert that to the wpkg format. You should also be able to copy the exe files accross without problems. This can be done with rsync for windows.

Well, theoretically that is. Unfortunately I dont have access to a WSUS server to change theory into practice, but it should be possible.
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