how to set up perf counters for sql servers for Memory and CPU

how to set up perf counters for sql servers  for Memory and CPU
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open performance monitor tool (run->perfmon)

on perfomance logs and alerts ->counter logs
righ click -. new log settings
assign a name
add counters -. (from here, could select which counters you want to monitor)
select through "performance object" you want to monitor and select counters from the list.
click add, to add the counters.
on log files. choose "Text file (comma delimted)" to choose a log file type.

you can schedule the logs on your desired time frame.
i would suggest to run the log for 24 hours to monitor the activity.

to open the log file.
System Monitor
right click -> properties
source tab-> log files -> add
browse on the log file created.
the "performance object" and the "counters" are the once you want to monitor

Processor - processor time
SQLAgent:Jobs - Job Success rate
SQL Agent:Statistic -

and more..

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