need a script to convert SID from Hex to binary?

Posted on 2009-02-19
Last Modified: 2012-05-06
can someone please provide a script that will convert a list of SID's from HEX format:

to decimal format:

I have over 400 to convert, so a script that would call an input text or csv file would be ideal.


Question by:siber1
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    by:Ken Fayal
    Here's the exact site you want to visit.  Shows how it's done.

    Author Comment

    thanks. but i was already aware of that link before I posted this. That code that is posted doesn't seem to work for me.
    does anyone else have another script i can try.
    again, i have to convert 300+ SID's from hex to decimal.

    thx - Mike
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    Accepted Solution

    Save the condensed version below as Hex2Sid.vbs. The script expects the hex string to to convert as argument, and will echo out the hex string, an equal sign, and the sid string.
    Run this using cscript for several conversions using the command line and a list of input hex string (hex.txt) with the following command:
    for /f %a in ('type hex.txt') do @cscript /nologo Hex2Sid.vbs %a
    You can capture the output by redirecting it to a file (sid.txt):
    for /f %a in ('type hex.txt') do @cscript /nologo Hex2Sid.vbs %a>>"sid.txt"

    Function ConvertHexStringToSidString(strHex)
      Const intSidVersionLength = 2
      Const intSubAuthorityCountLength = 2
      Const intAuthorityIdentifierLength = 12
      Const intSubAuthorityLength = 8
      Dim intStringPosition, bytSidVersion, lngAuthorityIdentifier, bytSubAuthorityCount, lngTempSubAuthority
      intStringPosition = 1
      bytSidVersion = CByte("&h" & Mid(strHex, intStringPosition, intSidVersionLength))
      intStringPosition = intStringPosition + intSidVersionLength
      bytSubAuthorityCount = CByte("&h" & Mid(strHex, intStringPosition, intSubAuthorityCountLength))
      intStringPosition = intStringPosition + intSubAuthorityCountLength
      lngAuthorityIdentifier = CLng("&h" & Mid(strHex, intStringPosition, intAuthorityIdentifierLength))
      intStringPosition = intStringPosition + intAuthorityIdentifierLength
      ConvertHexStringToSidString = "S-" & bytSidVersion & "-" & lngAuthorityIdentifier
      Do Until bytSubAuthorityCount = 0
        lngTempSubAuthority = CLng("&h" & EndianReverse(Mid(strHex, intStringPosition, intSubAuthorityLength)))
        intStringPosition = intStringPosition + intSubAuthorityLength
        If lngTempSubAuthority < 0 Then lngTempSubAuthority = lngTempSubAuthority + 2^32
        ConvertHexStringToSidString = ConvertHexStringToSidString & "-" & lngTempSubAuthority
        bytSubAuthorityCount = bytSubAuthorityCount - 1
    End Function
    Function EndianReverse(strHex)
      Dim intCounter
      For intCounter = Len(strHex) to 1 Step - 2
        EndianReverse = EndianReverse & Mid(strHex, intCounter - 1, 2)
    End Function
    ' ----- Main
    strHex = wscript.Arguments(0)
    strSid = ConvertHexStringToSidString(strHex)
    wscript.echo strHex & "=" & strSid

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    Author Closing Comment

    excellent! just what I was looking for.
    thanks so much oBda!

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