Screen Capture shortcut breaks Photoshop "Copy Merged"

It's been a while since I last had a need for Photoshop, but I've just purchased it again because I need it for work. One of the most often used features in Photoshop (for me that is) is "Copy Merged", accessed by 'command-shift-c' (or is it called 'apple-shift-c'?).

However, and I am unsure whether some obscure piece of software is doing this to me, when I hit that key-combo a screen capture is created on my desktop, it's simply called 'capture' and opens up the file in preview. No doubt useful for some people, but an intense annoyance to me....

I've aready gone through the 'Keyboard & Mouse Preference Panel' the key combo isn't in there, I was hoping anybody has any clue how to kill this global key-combo and re-assert Photoshops' internal 'Copy Merged' combo....
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Do you have a regular Mac keyboard or one that might have it's own driver set?

Have you looked in System Pref at the keyboard shortcut definition to see if something is amiss there?

mreuringAuthor Commented:
I'm not running any keyboard manager software, just plain MacBook Pro internal keyboard and a wireless mouse that runs on the default drivers.

And yes, I went through the keyboard shortcuts in the 'Keyboard & Mouse Preference Pane', it has no shortcut that even comes close to this :(.

However, your suggestion of keyboard software made me rethink what is running and I'm going to check if I may have made a trigger in QuickSilver...
mreuringAuthor Commented:
It may not have been spot on, but with suggestion keyboard managers you were close enough :)
After quiting QuickSilver the problem was gone, now it's only a matter of finding the trigger and removing it, Thank you!!!
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