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I have a problem with a user on my network. She logs into her PC (which is on our domain) then promptly opens up ms outlook. Outlook immediately states that she is working offline even though there are other network resources available. Why does outlook start in offline mode? When i force it to connect it does so and stays this way, it is only when she is logging in first thing in the morning.
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PlatformITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments, I have resolved this by creating her a new profile on the machine. I am pretty sure it is related to a recent mcafee update we have rolled out...
Joseph DalyCommented:
PlatformITAuthor Commented:
This is already set to automatically detect connection state...
Hi there,

I have seen something similar.
Well if you say she promptly opens outlook, it could be that the computer is still starting up the network services and so outlook is not able to make a connection at that moment and so switches to offline mode.

What you can do is ask the user to wait a few minutes until the computer has finished starting up. Or you can try to increase the server timeout setting in the connection settings in Outlook.

Hope this helps
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